NC Plumbing and Heating is fully experienced in installing, repairing and servicing under floor heating systems in homes and businesses.

A warm floor creates warm air convection, which in turn heats the living or workspace. Under floor heating is a very simple but effective way of providing a comfortably warm climate with an even distribution of heat. It has been used since Roman times as a way of centrally heating a building and has various aesthetic, energy efficient, health and heating cost benefits.

Where can under floor heating be used?

Many people opt to install under floor heating in a new extension or conservatory, and it is also commonly used in bathrooms. An under floor heating system can be combined with a standard central heating system so that some rooms have traditional wall mounted radiators and others have the heating under the floor.

How does under floor heating work?

Any type of gas fuelled boiler can be used as the heat source for the system. Pipes are usually run underneath the floor surface. The heat from the water passing through the pipe transfers directly into the floor. The room is evenly heated because the whole floor area is warm.

What are the benefits of under floor heating?

With heat emanating from the floor upwards, heat is evenly distributed and comfort levels are maximised. In comparison, the heat from wall mounted radiators is confined to a small area and rises upwards leaving the temperature at floor level much lower. A concentration of heat at head height is not always desirable.

Ease of control

Individual room control is a common feature of under floor heating systems so you can individually adjust temperature settings in each room of the house.

Cost effectiveness and energy efficiency

Under floor heating systems can give you a 15-40% energy saving over traditional heating methods.

Visual and space benefits

Under floor heating allows you more useable space compared to traditional heating methods. Additionally, wet floors dry more quickly and décor is maintained due to a lack of damp walls.

Health & hygiene: allergy reduction

Because under floor heating helps to keep moisture content levels low, dust mites can be reduced which can aid asthma sufferers and those with other breathing difficulties or allergies.

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